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Partner trainings helps provide your partners with tools to be successful members of your business venture.

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LMS for partner training

Partner training is essential for the growth and success of your business. Partner trainings helps provide your partners with tools to be successful members of your business venture. Partner training comprises product information, sales training, support training, and marketing solutions. This training modules comprises of text, audio, video, webinars and much more.

At SeekLMS, we can be simplify and automate partner training for your convenience. Our LMS will enable you to create partner focused training courses to help you get your partners up-to-date with your products and services. By using our Learning Management System you can track the progress of your partners learning, it also helps you assign video assignments, quizzes. It also comprises of other features such as gamification and leaderboards and more.

Our LMS enables learners of all abilities to gain access to customised content anytime, anywhere and on any-device. For more information, please get in touch with our team now. We will be glad to help you with all your requirements.

Why use Learning Management System for partner training?

Learning Management System (LMS) is a perfect tool to deliver impactful and effective training. It has an array of features that will help you get the benefits of channel training. Learning Management System is an integral aspect of the eLearning design and development process, it is an ideal way to deliver content and courses to a large audience at the fraction of the cost.

It helps you certify your partners

Learning Management System will help you certify your partners. Certifying your partners is the best way to identify that they have the required product knowledge. LMS will help you award certificates to learners based criterias and standards you set on your LMS. It helps you award certificates to partners based on the completion of the online course.

Seamless online learning experience

Learning Management System helps you create a bespoke learning environment by using multiple portals. It enables you to offer each partner a unique portal and branding in your LMS. All your partners can be managed by you using a single account. This helps you create a great learning experience and also helps you share a healthy business relationship with your partners.

Provides easy access to online courses

Learning Management System provides easy access to trainings and courses. LMS can be equipped with a single sign in option. This makes it easier for your partners to access courses from a partner portal. It also enables them to complete the partner training course at a time convenient for them from anywhere across the globe

Enables quick and easy delivery of courses

Learning Management System helps you deliver partner training courses quickly and affordably. Whether you wish to offer audio or video trainings, LMS can help you with it all. LMS also supports SCORM and xAPI courses. In addition, it also allows your partners to create courses. For more details, call us now.

Report and track your partner

Learning Management System allows you to track the time taken by your partner to complete the training. It also provides you details about the success of the course. It also helps you track partners who are due for the renewal course and allows you to automatically resend the course for completion, this can be done without you logging into the LMS.

Recertify your partners

If you wish to recertify your partners once a year or once in two years, Learning Management System enables you to do so. It can help you recertify your partners by simply setting a re-enrollment date. Through the Learning Management System your users will be notified automatically, they can take up course at a time convenient for them and will be certified for the same.

Why choose SeekLMS for partner training?

In today’s competitive world it is essential that businesses use modern and cloud based technology for training. Relying on old and out dated in-person training can cost you heavily and may also lead to loss of production hours. At SeekLMS, we offer Learning Management System, a platform that provides you simple and affordable solution to offer effective training.

It enables you access content anywhere at anytime

Our team understands that partners are busy and they need to access content anywhere, anytime. Our LMS enables you access desired content around the clock anywhere across the globe. In addition, LMS keeps all content centralised, this helps your partners to have a single source of content and not rely on old outdates devices. Our LMS ensures that all your partners are up-to-date.

Customised features

Our Learning Management System can help you easily combine text, images and videos. It is a robust content builder and is compatible with other software’s. By using our Learning Management System you can create engaging material and effective training materials for you partners. For more details, contact us now.

Tracking your partners progress

SeekLMS enables you to track completion and assessment progress. This can be done on an organizational and individual level. With our Learning Management System you can also grade assessments, quizzes and more. In addition LMS also can provide you with a detailed report about the time taken to complete the course.

Helping your business grow

Our Learning Management System will also help you certify your partners. A certified partner means that they know the ins and outs of your product and services. This helps them generate more revenue for your business and themselves. A well-trained partner means they require less guidance, support, this in turn lead to saving your time and money.

Helps you add more content

Our LMS enables you to add content in various formats such as videos, audio files and more. You can also upload additional content or make modifications to the existing content anytime. Also note that our Learning Management System protects all content present on the platform. It can be accessed only by partners approved by you.

Branching to different users

Another exciting feature of our LMS is that it can categorise your users and divide your training. You can create various segments and each segment can be dedicated to different users. You can also create specific courses for different departments, levels and more. This will help you improve your partners user experience.

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